>I have had a good Easter together with Vivianne ,Joel and Carolina. It would have been great to have everyone here but that is not always possible.This week I am doing some office work and meeting up with friends and I am renovating my leaking garage roof. That is a bit of a challenge. I still have a few things to do with it but I have faith that it will be ok. When you have a house there are always things to work with…
This Friday to Sunday I will be up in Warvickshire, preaching in a church in Kenilsworth. I have been there once before and I really liked the people there. I am looking forward to see what God will do there. Last night I visited a friend that is in a hospital nearby. His condition is serious but he was so full of faith and hope that I was really uplifted after our meeting. I agreed in faith with him for a total healing and recovering. Jesus is doing miracles …all the time. I have decided to believe for more and greater things.
Someone send me a video from Budapest where “Hit Church”(a large faith church..maybe 20.000 members) celebrated Easter Sunday in the centre of the city. It was fantastic to see all the people celebrating Jesus.
Ok…now it is raining outside….no work on the roof today.Will stay in my office and later go down to my fitness and do a long workout.

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