>It has been a strange week. I am really thankful that I have been in UK the last weeks..and not being stranded somewhere in the World. In the weekend I ministered in Highway Church/Marsh Gibbons. That church are good friends of ours and it is always a great joy to visit them. We had some […]

> The Catholic Church is experiencing a tough time right now with all the pedophile scandals in nation after nation. Today it was revealed that the Pope himself have been involved in the demonic behaviour of protecting the perverts that have commited atrocities against children.and young adults.that time in US..in the 80:s before he was […]

> I heard about the problem in Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyztan. Lets hope that not more blood will be shed in that conflict. I visited Bishkek earlier named Frunze already in the end of the eighties. I was invited to have a day campaign in the National Theatre. It was a very turbulent meeting […]

>I have had a good Easter together with Vivianne ,Joel and Carolina. It would have been great to have everyone here but that is not always possible.This week I am doing some office work and meeting up with friends and I am renovating my leaking garage roof. That is a bit of a challenge. I […]

> Fleet is a beautiful town not far away from London. This have been our hometown for almost 7 years. Our house is not far away from this nice pond,known for its rich birdlife. This week I will spend in Fleet and I will enjoy time together with Vivianne ,Joel and his girlfriend Carolina.Easter is […]