I have been away from my computer for some time and therefore ..no blog..but now I am back.

Arrived back from Africa a few days ago…still eating malaria pills…had a great time though.Very different from UK,Europe…People there are lovely but poverty still very present and corruption..and witchcraft and black magic….I was a bit surprised to see it practised even up in government level. Jesus is stronger though…always.

Tomorrow we leave for Sweden. I will minister in a few Churches and catch up with pastorfriends and we will visit our kids…3 of them and our grand child…will be busy days indeed.

Spring is on its way here in UK and it is really beautiful once the sun starts shining.I am happy that February is over…it is a tough month every year and even though I am tough myself I still struggle sometimes…not that bad but I like March better.

I watched Canada defeat USA in Icehockey last night…(Olympic final)..vow what a game.Icehockey have so much more action in it than cricket….England was defeated by Bangladesh…again…who cares…

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