> I am in Basel today. Just arrived back from a long run in the city.Its spring here and the city is really beautiful. We had a good meeting in Delemont last night…2 people recieved Jesus!!My dear friend Alain translated me and than he drove me to my hotel here. Alain have translated me so […]

> I had to leave early today..04:55…a taxi picked me up to take me to Fleet station. Because of BA cancelled flights and strikes I had to leave from London City airport to catch a plane for Basel. London have 6 airports and this is one of them…a small one compared with Heathrow. I went […]

> Finally…winther is over and spring seems to have arrived. I really love it. It has been very busy weeks and therefore I have not been “blogging”. I ministered in Heidelberg in the weekend and we had a really good time. I spoke to leaders and had revival meetings. I enjoy working with people that […]

> I am not a catholic…and will never end up being one..but I must admit that I liked this prayer for married couples. We need to fight for the families and the married couples today more than ever. This is more important than anything else. I am sooo sick and tired to read about american […]

> I am in Sweden now.Preached last night in Orebro,Kristet Center.We had a good time together with the church. I have been ministering here a lot in the past so it was a kind of reunion. My message was “Faith as a mustard seed”. I love to talk about that and it so needed in […]

> I have been away from my computer for some time and therefore ..no blog..but now I am back. Arrived back from Africa a few days ago…still eating malaria pills…had a great time though.Very different from UK,Europe…People there are lovely but poverty still very present and corruption..and witchcraft and black magic….I was a bit surprised […]