I was watching Brit music rewards last night. I was not to impressed by it even though I must say that UK produce a lot of talented musiscians. Lady Gaga…(US) won most of the awards and she gave a very blunt impression. In the end she talked about how she had felt rejected all through her childhood but now finally found people that believed in her and her talents…well I am not a big fan of her music or her performance but I am sure that she have found some kind of acceptance through that. God wants all of us to understand our true value and how much He loves us. Rejection is built upon a lie from hell. You and I are not rejected but accepted by our heavenly Father. This “revelation” is liberating and causes us to accept others the same way. I feel sorry for Lady Gaga and others that have to find acceptance through a very obscen lifestyle and appearance…..God have something so much better through Jesus Christ.
We came back late Monday night after 5 powerful days in the Jura valley. God moved with His word and spirit. This week I have a few days off…it is really needed. Painting our kitchen today!!

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