It is Monday and I just arrived back from Horsham where I attended the Trustee meeting for Kingdom Faith. I am a trustee there since a few moths back. It is always great to meet people of faith. In the weekend I had a “Faith Conference” in Taunton and the days before I taught Faith at Kingdom Faith Bible College…before that I preached faith In Geneva. A lot of faith lately…

We are called to live by faith and whatever we do we are supposed to do by faith…faith in Jesus always overcomes the World…everything is possible if we believe…great words and true words.

Tomorrow I am preaching in a college nearby. I will meet many non christian students and I will talk about the journey of faith.Exciting stuff…

Wednesday we will leave for Switzerland/Porrentruy and I will minister there 5 days and from there back to Hamburg again. This time Vivianne will go with me and that will b great.

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