> I was watching Brit music rewards last night. I was not to impressed by it even though I must say that UK produce a lot of talented musiscians. Lady Gaga…(US) won most of the awards and she gave a very blunt impression. In the end she talked about how she had felt rejected all […]

> It is Monday and I just arrived back from Horsham where I attended the Trustee meeting for Kingdom Faith. I am a trustee there since a few moths back. It is always great to meet people of faith. In the weekend I had a “Faith Conference” in Taunton and the days before I taught […]

> Monday morning and I am waiting for a delayed flight to Amsterdam…It is always frustrating to wait for delayed flights..but that is a part of life for me. Last night I was ministering in a town up in a Valley between mountains in Jura area of Switzerland. We had a great meeting and it […]