Just came back from a workout in a Fitness center in Hamburg. Sorry to say it was a bit of a bad experience. A fitness instructor…I name him Adolf..excercised his authority in a ridicoulus way….I love Germany but sometimes people here take things to serious..
I started Friday evening in Hanover. We had a very powerful meeting in a full hall. It was great to sense the freedom of the Spirit of God and to see people saved and healed. My friends in Rinteln are now doing weekly meetings in Hanover and I believe that something good is about to happen there. Yesterday we had a conference day here in Hamburg. We used new facilities really central in Hamburg. It was great to see the room to small and people where standing and sitting everywhere.We had 3 sessions and God really touched many people. In the end we had communion together and The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way. Non Christian visitors had an encounter with God and repented before Him.
Tonight I will minister in a Church: Ansgar gemeinde and right now I am preparing for that meeting.
Tomorrow I will go to Sweden and spend a few days there together with Vivianne and than I am leaving for Geneva where I will minister in a Missions Conference next weekend.

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