The picture is from Bjelovar, a city 1 hr outside Zagreb. I was there last night and ministerd in the church “Rijec Zivota”. We had a good meeting where God touched many people. It is a pioneering work that is a part of the network of churches here in Croatia that I am closely connected with since it started. I love the smell and taste of the “pioneering spirit”.As believers we are called to carry that spirit all of our lives.When we leave it we turn to religion instead, and religion always sucks….this nation is so full of it. Jesus came to give so much more!!
I was very tired last night…I started 03:00 in the morning in Sweden and drove 5 hrs in fog and snow to reach Arlanda airport. From there I went to Zagreb through Vienna and than directly to Bjelovar..and late back to my hotel in Zagreb. But now I a refreshed after some hours sleep and a long run in the city..in snow and cold weather…now preparing for a breakthrough meeting tonight in Zagreb. But first I will meet and have lunch my good friend Sicko, senior pastor and founder of Rijec Zivota churches. We have known each other since 1986 and stayed close friends since than.

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