> This is the future for the intruder in our summerhouse here in Sweden. I have declared war big time and I will even use weapons of mass destruction….
Have had a good weekend.Yesterday I spoke all day to leaders in Stockholm. Great to meet some old friends and to be able to encourage their faith. Today I have ministered in Vetlanda.We had a good time and I believe The Holy Spirit did something great.
Tomorrow I will continue in Vetlanda and then I will soon be on my way back to Stockholm and from there take off to Zagreb/Croatia.
We have a lot of snow here and 2 days ago it was -26c here…..but now it is more normal -5c.

I met a friend today who was dying in lung cancer last time we met and together with a friend prayed for him .Today he is totally healed and showed me the xray pic of a new lung!!!!!!Jesus is absolutely fantastic!!!

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