> 2010…..a new year …again. I am excited about it…I have been excited about every new year ever since I started to walk with Jesus. 1980 I thought that Jesus would come back the next 2-3 years…He said soon didn.t He? Well He still has not come and propably He will not come this year either….there are still more than 6000 unreached people groups that need to hear the gospel..(Matt 24:14) I intend to do what I can about that this year…but tomorrow I will go to London!! Together with Vivianne and we will have a great day there. London is a fantastic city.
We find new interesting places everytime we go there(not to often…unfortunately).
In the evening we will visit Holy Trinity Brompton. That is the church that “invented” Alpha.
Later this week We will leave for Sweden. I will minister in Stockholm and Vetlanda and from there I will go to Croatia….The rest of the spring is busy..busy…
What I believe for 2010? Good things if we choose to do what He tells us to do.
Lets try our best!!

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