> Geneva is known for different things. The known reformer Calvin started his reformation movement in Geneva, Lenin lived here a few years before he launched the revolution in Russia,UN have its headquarter in this city…plus a lot more. The Human Right declaration was born here as well. As a christian I believe in Human […]

> Just came back from a workout in a Fitness center in Hamburg. Sorry to say it was a bit of a bad experience. A fitness instructor…I name him Adolf..excercised his authority in a ridicoulus way….I love Germany but sometimes people here take things to serious.. I started Friday evening in Hanover. We had a […]

> The picture is from Bjelovar, a city 1 hr outside Zagreb. I was there last night and ministerd in the church “Rijec Zivota”. We had a good meeting where God touched many people. It is a pioneering work that is a part of the network of churches here in Croatia that I am closely […]

>mouse massacre in Sweden

> This is the future for the intruder in our summerhouse here in Sweden. I have declared war big time and I will even use weapons of mass destruction….Have had a good weekend.Yesterday I spoke all day to leaders in Stockholm. Great to meet some old friends and to be able to encourage their faith. […]

>Global warming..

> Snow everywhere!! For the first time since we moved to UK I have been out shoveling snow… Since the Global Warming conference in Copenhagen a few weeks ago it has been more freezing than ever. Maybe someone wants to come across with a message…. Anyway..no one on my street are going to work today..or […]

>I love London!!

> 2010…..a new year …again. I am excited about it…I have been excited about every new year ever since I started to walk with Jesus. 1980 I thought that Jesus would come back the next 2-3 years…He said soon didn.t He? Well He still has not come and propably He will not come this year […]