Today is the day before Christmas eve..vow..time is moving so fast. I started early today and went together with Vivianne to the gym. Had a good workout and a needed sauna..it is freezing cold here in UK…will go shopping with Viv soon…need grace for that…a lot of people and cars …after that I will leave for Oxford..to pick up Joel. He is doing his last year there. It is a bit challenging to drive on the roads here today but I am sure it will be ok. We will be all family together tonight. Love it. White xmas!! with much snow…but also without alcohol. It is important to make a stand as a christian and stay sober. Alcohol is the big devil in seasons like this. Many families are ruined and lives are destroyed because of people driving drunk…..

Lets have a white xmas in its full meaning. God bless you all!!

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