I am in Germany. Tonight we start our “faith conference” in Hanover. Last night I ministered in a new Church close to Minden that is led by a russian couple. They have been here for 20 years and started a new Church 3 years ago. All members are new believers and many are of russian origin. Lovely people with a passion for Jesus.
The relationship Germany and Russia is very interesting. During Stalins rulership in USSR he forced the majority of all the germans living in the western part of USSR to move towards the east. Therefore during USSR’s era ,you could find minorities of germans living in Sibiria,Uzbekistan,Tadjikistan,Kirgistan and all the other stan’s….They kept their language,religion and national identity. After the fall of USSR and the wall and even some years before the germans where given a possibility to move back to Germany…invited by the German government. The result was hundreds of thousands of russians moving in to Germany.
I know for example in Dusanbe…capital in Tadjikistan…there was a german freechurch with 1000 members…all of the left to Germany!!!
Allover Germany you can find russian churches today. Some of them are very legalistic and exclusive but some are really good and they play and important role in Germany. They have faith for the nation and are very bold and evangelistic. Praise God for all of them!!!

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