> Last days I have been thinking ,reading and talking with friends about true biblical friendship.
Jesus talked about this and we can understand that he really emphasise the importance of that.
Still…I meet so many christians that cry out for the reality of this and they tell me that the friendship they meet in their church is only conditional, meaning only if you follow our regulations and stay within our framework…than you can enjoy friendship. I guess all of us without even thinking about it have behaved the same way…instead of asking us the question why that person have “slipped” out from the framework or if the framework really is the ultimate will and plan of God…maybe it pushes out people instead of embracing them. I heard a comment from a minister the other day that made me wanna throw up. An old friend had come in to a lot of problem and ended up in killing himself…..a terrible tragedy for him especially for his family…the minister said with a small smile on his face …yeah..we have not seen him in church for a long time….thats what happen when you leave…
now that is unfortunately a quite common attitude…
Good news is that Jesus is not like that…He laid down His life for His friends…even for His enemies.
Sometimes we are just spectators and commentators on other peoples misfortune even to those people that we onced called our close friends. To hell with a behaviour like that. Martin Luther King said:In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.-Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)
Lets learn the secret of true friendship. Lets save those that have slipped away.Lets do everything we can.
I am on my way to Germany soon again. And than….Christmas!!!

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