> I am in Bratislava. This is the capital of Slovakia. I was here the first time 1983. Many things have changed since that time. From the end of 80:s until end of 90:s I ministered here regularly. I was involved in starting up a new Church: Slova Zivota and we had many conferences and evangelistic meetings. 1993 I took the initiative to a large festival: Donau festival when we travelled on a ship from Vienna to the Blacks Sea..I was preaching(togeteher with Ulf Ekman) in every main city along the way…we had a team with 150 people with us…The church in Bratislava is a result from that festival. Today the church is doing well and has planted other churches and groups in Slovakia as well. We have had a great time here. Powerful meetings and a reunion with old friends. I have enjoyed it alot. I love this part of Europe. I also enjoyed seeing people saved and healed during the weekend.
Now I am a bit tired…looking forward to Christmas together with my big family…but first I have to visit Germany and preach 4 different cities this coming week.

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