We came back last night from Yorkshire/Scarborough. I preached in a conference that Kingdom Faith Yorkshire arranged. We where in a tiny village outside Scarborough and I was really surprised when I saw all the people that came to attend the meetings. We had a really good time and Gods Spirit moved in a powerful way …especially on the Saturday evening. I have had many feedbacks from the weekend and it seems like God did some great things.
Vivianne and I also took the opportunity to visit Scarborough Castle and the city of York. Really interesting places. Scarborough was invaded by my ancestors…the Vikings a “few years” ago. Still today there are remains from that time. I saw a picture of one of the Vikings and I really felt a bit proud and challenged. Those guys knew how to fight!! And they never gave up…
Today to many people in Scandinavia (an Uk)give up to easy…even believers. They give up the dreams they once had and settle for something less. You and I are called to do great things!! We are called to conquer this World in His name! You can become a history maker …not just sing a song about it.
This week I am leaving for Bratislava/Slovakia. I will minister in a Church that I have been involved in from the beginning but I have not been there for many years…I love that city and that part of Europe. In the past we have seen many powerful things happen and I believe that still the best is to come.

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