> Christmas 2009 is over. We(me and Vivianne) have had a fantastic time together with Rebecka,Fredrik,Noah,Joel,Magdalena and Deborah. Full house…much food and a jolly good time…Some of the family went back to Sweden this morning and some will leave on Thursday..and than Vivianne and I will be alone again. That is a blessings to…I have […]

>White Christmas

> Today is the day before Christmas eve..vow..time is moving so fast. I started early today and went together with Vivianne to the gym. Had a good workout and a needed sauna..it is freezing cold here in UK…will go shopping with Viv soon…need grace for that…a lot of people and cars …after that I will […]

>Pius XII

> Benedictus…the Pope are having serious plans to make Pius XII a saint. The Catholic church have strong believes in Saints and by making someone a saint the Catholic Church are saying that that particular person is a good example in christian life. Israel are disgusted by the thought of making Pius XII a saint. […]

> I am back home in UK again. It has been an intensive year in many ways and I am looking forward to spend some days together with family over Christmas. I just picked up Magdalena from Heathrow and tomorrow I will pick up Rebecka,Fredrik,Noah and Deborah and Joel will come from Oxford just before […]


> Last days I have been thinking ,reading and talking with friends about true biblical friendship.Jesus talked about this and we can understand that he really emphasise the importance of that.Still…I meet so many christians that cry out for the reality of this and they tell me that the friendship they meet in their church […]

> I am in Bratislava. This is the capital of Slovakia. I was here the first time 1983. Many things have changed since that time. From the end of 80:s until end of 90:s I ministered here regularly. I was involved in starting up a new Church: Slova Zivota and we had many conferences and […]

> Switzerland have made the choice to forbid minarets…. Representatives for EU are upset about it. Turkey warns and says that Islamic nations will stop using the Swiss banks….I doubt it. Swiss banks are full of money and treasures owned by sheiks and other wealthy muslims….propably Arafat(dead ..since many years) still have hundreds of millions […]

> We came back last night from Yorkshire/Scarborough. I preached in a conference that Kingdom Faith Yorkshire arranged. We where in a tiny village outside Scarborough and I was really surprised when I saw all the people that came to attend the meetings. We had a really good time and Gods Spirit moved in a […]