> The last month’s I have had the joy of revisiting a few of the old “fields” where I use to work in the 1980-90’s. It has been great to see how the “seed” we planted back than have grown up and today is bearing much fruit. Back than we had to work undercover and sometimes it was pretty difficult and also dangerous. I remember when we where breaking new ground in former Yugoslavia and where doing illegal mission activities there. I was arrested a few times and taken to court. At 2 occassions I was blacklisted in to Yugoslavia. Both times I changed passport and succeeded to go back…until they seriously started to work with computers at the borderstations.
That was a problem for me since they had all my details. I seriously started to look into the possibilities of changing my identity…..meaning buying a new passport with new name……
I already had contacts that could do that in Istanbul….
Praise God I never walked tha path …I would have ended up with a lot of problem I am sure…

You can never buy yourself a new identity. But….in Christ Jesus everything have become new.
You have a new nature,new dna….everything is new.
I talked with my friend Radovan, pastor in Belgrade about this. He told me that the only way to succesfully restore a drug addict, prostitute…is to help them to find their new identity in Jesus.
Sins are forgiven…the passed is gone…now you are loved fully accepted and secure!!!
I met some of those people in the church in Belgrade and I was really blessed to see what Jesus had done.
It is important for all of us to find our real identity in Him.
Now I am preparing myself for a Conference in York/Scarborough this coming weekend.
The name of the Conference is “Strong Tower”…i like the name. It will be a weekend full of Jesus. Vivianne and will drive up from here early tomorrow morning…

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