This weekend I am visiting Belgrade. Itis a city that today have app. 2,5 million people.Gradually things are changing to the better after the war and the bombing of Nato where many thousands of civilians died.
I was here last time 14 years ago. The church we where involved in during that time still exist but now under a different name New Horizons. I am preaching there this weekend. It is really great to see that it is growing in number and influence. There are very fev evangelical born again people in this city …4-500 they say. The ortodox Church condemn them as a sect and do everything they can to make things difficult. It is surprising how much stupidity are being done in the name of the church. This is a real pioneering work and it is a joy to be here and also to see that the seed we planted here 16 years ago are bearing fruit. Pastor Radovan together with his wife Jelena are doing a great job here.
We need to continue to preach the gospel in to those unreached areas of Europe.

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