A little less than 2o years ago I was in Romania together with Bo Sander(God TV) and Michael Lundin(Sweden).

We where travelling around in Romania visiting underground churches. Revival was going on in some of those churches and it was always a pleasure to meet some of the heroes of that time.

Securitate(Romanian KGB) was looking for us but they never got hold of us that time. I still remember the sense of destiny that was in the air. Nobody really dared to speak about what they felt was coming. I spoke one evening in a church in Bistrita that revival and changes are coming to the nation. This was just a few days before the wall in Berling came tumbling down.

The revoloution in Romania started a few weeks later and unfortunatley it was a bloody one. When we arrived at the border to leave Romania the guards searched our vehicle and our bags and Bo Sanders Tv camera…they stole all his films…and treated us really bad.

A few weeks later…when revolution was over… I arrived back in to Romania…borders guards where smiling and shouting pace…peace. We ministered openly on open air meetings,universities allover the nation. The fall of communism was a reality and the coming 10 years I was involved in campaigns,conferences,church plantings in every former communist nation. Now we are eagerly looking forward to see the fall of Islam. Already now we are active in to the Muslim world but we are believing and looking forward to the day when freedom will come to that part of the World.

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