Einstein said “To do the same thing over and over again knowing that it will not lead to any succesful result is the highest form of insanity”

This is so true even today. To change habits, change behaviour, methods and first of all our way of thinking is a key to success even for us as believers. We change because God leads us to through His word and His Spirit. Obedience from our side and actions according to His word allows The Holy Spirit to come with His power and ability and makes everything possible!!

We than will find ourselves walking in the supernatural life in God.

I just finished a great meeting here in Porrentruy. Full house and much Jesus. 4 people recieved Jesus as Lord and many where touched by His healing and restoring power.

Tomorrow is our last day here. I will fly back to London tomorrow evening.

On Thursday I will go to Budapest and on Friday I will leave for Tirana. Magdalena, our second daughter will come with me. I am so happy for that.

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