> I arrived in Hannover yesterday. We had a fantastic meeting last night in a rented hall in central Hannover. We have been doing meetings like this for some time now in Hannover together with Jesus Gemeinde Rinteln. People from all category of life is coming and of course most of them are in desperate need of a miracle and a longing for the Word of God. I have a burden foe Hannover and for other larger German,European cities(tonight I preach again in Hamburg).
We need to preach and proclaim the the full gospel in its full power to all those millions of secular europeans. It was great to see young people last night recieving Jesus!!

One friend in Israel wrote to me this morning and he had attached many pictures to his mail. All pictures is from Gaza . Palestinian children are being taught to hate,kill and destroy. I think it is one most satanic things that you can do to your own children. All those things are done in the name of Islam. I remember when I was in Sunday school as a child and I was taught to love everyone like Jesus loves us. I can not imagine how it must be for all those beautiful young children to be brought up in the spirit of hate and death. We need to preach the gospel to the palestinians and the muslims. We need ti support those few that are doing that.
We need to actively fight against the spirit of Islam and its attempt to invade Europe.
Now I will leave for another meeting…

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