>New identity

> The last month’s I have had the joy of revisiting a few of the old “fields” where I use to work in the 1980-90’s. It has been great to see how the “seed” we planted back than have grown up and today is bearing much fruit. Back than we had to work undercover and […]

>Jesus and demons

> I came home late yesterday. My flight was very delayed out from Belgrade and than we had to circle around London for a hour before we finally could land….frustrating?..yes.Once home we watched a BBC documentary about child witches in Nigeria. I saw the first programme and this was a follow up. Some Churches and […]

>Belgrade in fog…

> It is early Monday morning here in Belgrade. It is cold and foggy outside. I am praying that my flight will be leaving in time…We had a great meeting in the church last night. 10 people recieved Jesus!!I love to lead people to salvation. 97 % of Belgrade’s population are orthodox belivers but the […]


> This weekend I am visiting Belgrade. Itis a city that today have app. 2,5 million people.Gradually things are changing to the better after the war and the bombing of Nato where many thousands of civilians died. I was here last time 14 years ago. The church we where involved in during that time still […]


> I have just arrived back from Tirana/Albania. I was there together with Magdalena ,our daughter ,Dan Lindau and his son Jonah. Our mission was to do Pastors/Leaders days and to have a few open meetings. Friday-Saturday we met together with appr. 90-100 pastors and leaders. Gods spirit was moving powerful. I really believe that […]

> A little less than 2o years ago I was in Romania together with Bo Sander(God TV) and Michael Lundin(Sweden). We where travelling around in Romania visiting underground churches. Revival was going on in some of those churches and it was always a pleasure to meet some of the heroes of that time. Securitate(Romanian KGB) […]

>Freedom to change

> Einstein said “To do the same thing over and over again knowing that it will not lead to any succesful result is the highest form of insanity” This is so true even today. To change habits, change behaviour, methods and first of all our way of thinking is a key to success even for […]

>I am willing, be healed!!

> In Mark 1 the man with leprocy ask the question that many people in this world is asking; I know that you can but are you willing Jesus…to heal me? Jesus answered once and for all: I am willing!!! I keep recieving reports about people that recieve healing in the meetings we have. I […]

>Life in the spirit

> I am in a small town i the Jura area in Switzerland, named St Ursanne. They have appr. 900 inhabitans. I stay in the house of a retired Doctors couple. I have known them now for many years and it is always a great blessing to stay in their house. Many hundreds of years […]

> I arrived in Hannover yesterday. We had a fantastic meeting last night in a rented hall in central Hannover. We have been doing meetings like this for some time now in Hannover together with Jesus Gemeinde Rinteln. People from all category of life is coming and of course most of them are in desperate […]