Had agood evening in Bristol last night. We where invited to attend the “launching meeting” of Rhema UK/Ireland united. Mark Hankings from US was there. It was a good meeting even if it was very American. Enjoyed it though..today I went up early to the gym…good workout and than I met up with Derek Brown . He is a man of God and I like him and his attitude towards ministry and life with God. I picked up my car after that…A garage close to my house had fixed it and made the MOT..and now it is ok!! They did not even charge me for everything they did!! I have favour with the owner for some reason. He always treats me like this. Must be God. Soon Vivianne and I will leave for Marsh Gibbons/Oxford where I will have a healing meeting tonight.

After that…around midnite we will meet up with Joel in Oxford.

I watched a TV programme Monday night where they discussed whether different races have different IQ and if Race biologists in the past was talking the truth…

I was really chocked to hear what some so renowned scientists claimed…they sounded just like the nazi propaganda in the 1930-40:s Germany. I think it is time that someone challenges the IQ thesis. It is a very old and limited way of measuring someones intelligence….made in France around 1915(?)

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