> Monday again. I was very tired this morning even though we changed to winther time yesterday. The weekend in Clevedon was very good. I spoke to all leaders in the Church on S

aturday and we had a good time. Yesterday I had two meetings. A strong healing anointing was released and I prayed for many people in the end of both meetings. I believe that we will hear some powerful testimonies from Clevedon soon.
Some days ago I spent an evening together with a few Christian friends. We where discussing life and what we where aiming for. While I was talking I noticed that my friends reacted a bit and I asked them what the problem was. “You are almost to radical …it is not really normal nowadays to speak like you do”. The only thing I had said was that the aim and purpose for my life was to bear fruit!! Some days later I was watching Question time att BBC 1 and the discussion with and about Nick Griffin leader of BNP in UK. I really enjoyed that programme and unfortunately I found myself enjoying some of the things Nick Griffin was saying. (I am absolutely against BNP and their right wing ideologi…no worries)especially since he was the only one that dared to speak out without being politically correct…and I do agree with what he said about homosexuality and Islam as a threat to Brittish society…..I guess I have pretty radical standpoints in my life.
I like to be a radical Christian….that bear fruit in His Kingdom and with a heart full of love and compassion for everyone including muslims, homosexuals and Nick Griffin. They all need salvation…and while I do that I still dare to speak out what I believe about 2 guys kissing openly in a Pub…..disgusting..makes me wanna throw up…just like Nick Griffin said..
Tomorrow we will go to Bristol and attend the official opening of a new Rhema network initiative.
Mark Hankings will be there.

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