Today I have had my annual MOT….Dentist and Optician(first time in my life). I fixed 2 fillings..painful ..yes..and I propably will end up using reading glasses…when I read.

Anyway a pretty good day. God is still a good God.
I read the Swedish news today. They have just changed the Marriage legislation…now gay and lesbians can marry…man-man and woman-woman…Until now they where allowed partnership…but now they are allowed to get married in the church with God as the 3rd party…….I doubt He will be interested in a union like that. The Baptistchurch in Sweden is very quick to embrace this nonsense…The Lutheran Church have been promoting this a long time…they even have a bishop that is gay.

What to say about this?

Lets preach the Gospel in Sweden.The Gospel in its full power makes people straight and normal. Religion and humanism opens up the door to alot of unclean and abnormal behaviour, like homosexuality. The Gospel is the good news, that God loves everyone and His will is restoration and sakvation for everyone.

Today I am more English than Swedish…but I will be back be sure.
The Bible said: Adam and Eve….not Adam and Steve!!!

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