>I am in Thessaloniki now. It is early Monday morning.Have had an intensive weekend in Skopje,Macedonia.It was a great conference,much people and powerful meetings.It was appr.15 years since I was in Skopje the last time….and 22 years since I preached there the first time…
The first time I visited Skopje we saw a powerful breakthrough with a number of satanist that got delivered and saved. 5 of those guys are today in ministry!!!One is responsible for 15 churches in Macedonia…..one is a professor in Theology…working in Cambridge..others are pastors.Fruit that remains…This time I preached to a new generation of believers most of them younger…25-40 years and it was really exciting to see what God is doing. People got saved and healed and had an encounter with God this weekend. The pastor couple Sasha and Maria,was ayoung couple I met 22 years ago and now they lead a network of churches in Macedonia. A great couple!!Last night I ministered in a church here in Thessaloniki.We had a good time and also saw people recieve healing.Greece is a nation that need to hear the gospel once more. I think I will be back in Greece soon again. I used to minister here many years ago and now it was great to be back. Today I will fly back home to London…but before I will take a run by the seaside…and hopefully a swim afterward….

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