Today I have plumbers in my house here in UK. We have to do a larger renovation in our house which is nice once it is done…but things are messy while it is going on. This summer we had a leak in our bathroom which leads to one thing after the other…but everything will work out well because we put our trust in Him!!!

Yesterday I arrived back from a intensive weekend in Modena/Italy. I had a conference over the weekend and it was really a good time. Delegates came from allover Italy and it was great to see the hunger in those precious brothers and sisters. We also had special meetings for Pastors and leaders. The message was “Faith for the nation” and by His grace the delegates returned back home with a larger vision and filled with a passion to reach further in to Italy.

Italy is a very religious nation but the number of born again believers is very low. At the same time The Holy Spirit is moving in a powerful way and new local churches and revival centers are being established allover the nation. The traditional religious church is reacting negatively against what God is doing just as they always have done. I am working together with a movement that are working with a vision to reach the lost in Italy. The leadership are all being saved out from the traditional religious institution…being kicked out once they got saved and filled with The Holy Spirit and started to preach the full Gospel. I love this people, they are so full of joy and passion for Jesus and for His Kingdom.

Later this week I am leaving for Skopje /Macedonia. I will preach in a national conference and meet up with a lot of people, some are old friends of mine. I will write more on my blog once I am there. Now I will have a talk with the plumbers again…

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