>IQ…false or truth?

> Had agood evening in Bristol last night. We where invited to attend the “launching meeting” of Rhema UK/Ireland united. Mark Hankings from US was there. It was a good meeting even if it was very American. Enjoyed it though..today I went up early to the gym…good workout and than I met up with Derek […]

>A radical Christian?

> Monday again. I was very tired this morning even though we changed to winther time yesterday. The weekend in Clevedon was very good. I spoke to all leaders in the Church on S aturday and we had a good time. Yesterday I had two meetings. A strong healing anointing was released and I prayed […]

>Adam and Steve?

> Today I have had my annual MOT….Dentist and Optician(first time in my life). I fixed 2 fillings..painful ..yes..and I propably will end up using reading glasses…when I read. Anyway a pretty good day. God is still a good God. I read the Swedish news today. They have just changed the Marriage legislation…now gay and […]

>Destiny Conference in Manchester

> We arrived back here in Fleet late last night. It is freezing cold here today.We had a great time in Manchester. The church World Harvest Church arranged a Conference “Destiny” where I was invited as main speaker. It was a good time and Gods presence was powerfully present all weekend. It was great to […]

>I am in Thessaloniki now. It is early Monday morning.Have had an intensive weekend in Skopje,Macedonia.It was a great conference,much people and powerful meetings.It was appr.15 years since I was in Skopje the last time….and 22 years since I preached there the first time…The first time I visited Skopje we saw a powerful breakthrough with […]

> Today I have plumbers in my house here in UK. We have to do a larger renovation in our house which is nice once it is done…but things are messy while it is going on. This summer we had a leak in our bathroom which leads to one thing after the other…but everything will […]