> I am in Hamburg …again…waiting on the airport to fly home. I have been down in the south of Germany in the city of Heidelberg. It is a beautiful city in a very nice area. I was ministering in a church named JWOC. Jesus World Outreach Center. They are friends of mine since many years now. It is an American/German church led by Elisha Lawson. He reminds me alot about the actor Will Smith! He is a great man and he is doing a great job. We saw 6 people saved yeaterday.I also met up with my friend Pierout, pastor in the church, Die Taube and we talked together later Saturday night. He has asked me to do a leadership conference in Heidelberg 2010. I took a flight yesterday afternoon up to Hamburg and we had another celebration here. We had a great meeting here and it was great to see many new people. Our worship team was doing a great job, singing some of their own songs and the presence of God was wonderful. Many had an encounter with God. Later today I will go to Horsham and participate in Kingdom Faith leadership conference. By the way ,they had a election in Germany yesterday and the labour/socialists where kicked out !!! Many are excited about this and Merkel will stay as a Prime minister.

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