I am in Kenilsworth in Warwickshire/Uk. Picture above is of the castle here that I will not find time to visit…I am ministering in a church here and we have a good time. I love to meet believers that are focused and motivated to bring Jesus to their region. It is a wealthy and posh region and the majority of the people outside church seems to be very pleased with themself…

This morning at the breakfast in my B&B an older man talked with me and when he realised that I am a pastor he immeadiately asked me: What is sin? Explain that for me. We had a good conversation that appeared to be a bit disturbing for the rest of the guests in the breakfast room…propably it disturbed their effort of making a good day…instead they where reminded about their lifes condition and eternity….I will continue to talk with he man tomorrow morning.

We need to be bold and free to share openly about the important issues in our lives. Sin is everything that causes you to miss the goal in life and that separates you from God. We as christians have been cleansed from our sins….Praise Jesus!!

Tonite I will meet up with leaders here and tomorrow I minister again in the church.

Tomorrow evening I will preach in the big tent in Aldershot…it is a meeting that is advertised as a healing meeting and I pray that many will come and that many will have an encounter with Jesus!

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