The picture above is from the “house of Boltzius”, located just north of Karlstad,Sweden.

Boltzius was a very well known healing-minister in the end of 19th century. He saw loads of miracles happening in his house that worked more or less as a clinic. Today his house is a museum and it is filled with crutches,hearing aids,wooden legs….Thousands of miracles are registered and it is a fantastic experience to just be in the house. Vivianne my brother,Sven and myself visited this place a few days ago. It is very encouraging and faith building to see what one man that firmly believes in the God of the Bible can do!

We will continue to believe God for many healings and miracles.

This coming Sunday night I am ministering in Aldershot,UK in a large tent in a special healing-meeting. I am really geared up for this and I am looking forward to see Jesus being lifted up through what He will do. Friday-Sunday morning I am ministering in Kenilsworth close to Warwick. It is the first time I minister in that region and I am excited to go there as well.

I love UK and I am always excited to preach the Word there. It is our homeland since 6 years now…

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