> I am at Arlanda airport again. This weekend I will minister in Rinteln, Hannover and Hamburg. We will have a special Healing Conference day in Hannover. Healing is something very exciting at the same time very sensitive. Some people really find it difficult to believe that God will heal today and some christians are so sure about it that they do not even realise that they are sick sometimes….I believe in the healing power of God primarily because of Is 53 and because of the the Life and ministry of Jesus. I have seen and experienced many healings and miracles over the years but I am not building my conviction upon that alone. Healing is still a bit of a mystery sometimes …mainly because that you and I are humans living in a very imperfect world with a lot of suffering people. God loves them all and His will is that all shall be well…I have decided to co operate with His will as good as I can….by the way..the picture above have nothing at all to do with healing…it is from the Russian Orthodox Church, on the Mount of Tabor in Israel…only Orthodox believers are allowed access…..

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