> This week have been very busy with a lot of work. I have not had time to blog…until now. Hanover last weekend was great. We had some great meetings where Jesus saved and healed people. I am excited about what God is about to do in Germany! I also had a great time in […]

> I am at Arlanda airport again. This weekend I will minister in Rinteln, Hannover and Hamburg. We will have a special Healing Conference day in Hannover. Healing is something very exciting at the same time very sensitive. Some people really find it difficult to believe that God will heal today and some christians are […]

> Monday morning and I am about to pack my things together and leave to airport here in Munich. Had a great day yesterday in the church here. I like the bavarian people, they are very open and easy to communicate with. We saw 5 people saved here yesterday! It is hot here…+30C . I […]

> Read yesterday how Bob Dylan been arrested in a park somewhere in US cause police thought he was a bum and as he did not carry his identication he was taken to the local police station….it was very embarrasing for the police once they realised it was good old Bob Dylan…Sometimes we are very […]

> I have done it again…started 02:00 this morning to leave for Arlanda airport north of Stockholm…I drove 380 km…I was alone most of the time on the road and had a pretty fast car.. and now I am ready to take off to Munich where I preach this weekend. I am not supposeed to […]

> I am about to leave Uk early tomorrow morning. I will first go to Sweden and than I will be ministering in Munich during the weekend. Munich is known for beer festivals and lederhosen…. The church where I will preach on Sunday morning….Gospel Center Munich is making a difference to this. They are breaking […]

> Faith Camp is now coming to an end. Today I preached in the main hall in the morning and I had the Faith School in the afternoon. It was a great day. I have heard so many testimonies about healings that have taken place, both physical and emotional. Tonight we will leave for home […]

>Wednesday at Faith Camp

> Wednesday have been a tremendous day here at Faith Camp. Tonight I heard one of the best sermons I ever heard in my life. Colin Urquart was teaching about the compassion and love of God. I have never heard anyone talk about it in such a way before. I am a bit shaken and […]

>Faith 09

> Greetings from Peterborough. Faith 09 started yesterday. We had a fantastic meeting and Jesus was so present with us. I love the concept of Faith camp. It is not just a conference with a long list of speakers and some nice worship. It is an event with rhe total aim and focus to allow […]