…In Sweden and enjoying renovating our barn. A lot of work but great to see result.
We have started to paint the barn with Falu rodfarg. A fantastic colour that bring life to old ,half dead buildings. I have always loved this colour which is a speciality from Sweden…

We visited Gothenburg during last weekend. Stayed with my sister Ingrid and family. They are a great family with a lot of passion for Jesus. We spend a full day walking in the city talking and just had a good time. This coming weekend we will go to Stockholm. Celebrate Magdalena’s 20th birthday(she is with me on the picture) and we will attend our grand son’s,Noah blessing/dedication service.
Looking forward to meet all of them again..

Soon Faith Camp/Kingdom Faith summer conference is coming up. I will preach there this summer again. It will be a great week this year I am sure.Hope to meet some of u there.

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