> Look at this happy boy!! My grandson recieved “blessing” /dedication some weeks ago and he was smiling big time!!Now we will leave for Faith Camp!!

> Now we are on our way back to UK. Sitting on the train towards Copenhagen where we will catch our flight towards London Gatwick. We have had a good time in Sweden and “mission” with our summer house have almost been completed. The weather have been really good a lot of sun and not […]

>Falu rodfarg….miracle colour!!

> …In Sweden and enjoying renovating our barn. A lot of work but great to see result. We have started to paint the barn with Falu rodfarg. A fantastic colour that bring life to old ,half dead buildings. I have always loved this colour which is a speciality from Sweden… We visited Gothenburg during last […]

> Grand dad…sound very old. I am a young and happy one though. It is great to have a few weeks holiday. Yesterday we had a day off from our building project. We visited a few beautiful sites here in Smaland. It was lovely and we also met some old friends. It is funny to […]

> My visit to Croatia was very succesful. Powerful meetings and many people saved(60-70) and healed. It was great to spend time with pastors and friends as well. Croatia is one of my “home nations” in the World. This week I am working hard with my barn…even if it is +28C right now. Vivianne and […]