We had our first meeting here last night. Appr. 25 people recieved Jesus the first time in their life. It is great to see how people respond to the gospel. We (Jorn and myself) ministered to the sick and many testified how they experienced the power of God.
We also spent some time with our friends here. It is always great to meet brother Sicko, a good friend since 23 years. Today we continue our series of meetings. Tomorrow I will meet up with all pastors and leaders out in a “camp” that the church here have purchased.
Heard today that the “King of pop” Michael Jacksson died. His life is a sad story, from being celebrated as a god and than ending up totally rejected by everyone and now massmedia is again celebrating him…..I wish he could have lived longer and would have been given a real chance to come back and also find peace and restoration. Maybe he did find that in the end.
For sure..life is short and we need to spend our years doing what we are supposed to do for Him,Jesus and His Kingdom.
Will soon go for a run in Zagreb together with Jorn.

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