I am on my way back to Sweden again. Had a good evening with a revival meeting and some good fellowship with friends until late night. Hamburg is a beautiful city especially this morning when the sky was blue and the sun shining. I started early with run in a forest area. It was great.

Read about situation in Teheran today. It is really terrible how the rekigious intolerant fanatic regime are treating its own citizens. We need to continue to pray. Religion makes people crazy.

Jesus is so different. He came to give freedom from oppression!! Many people in Iran are crying out to Jesus today and I am sure that many miracles are happening in the midst of the terror.

This week I am going to Zagreb. I will preach there 4 days. Zagreb has a very special place in my heart. Brother Sicko that is pastor and founder of Churches “Rijec Zivota” is a very good friend of mine. We have been in contact since 1986. I believe that we will see Gods hand move in Zagreb this week! A good friend from Denmark will accompany me, Jorn Hyldgaard.

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