On the road again…this weekend I am ministering in Jesus Centrum/Kassel. Pastor Matthias and Sabine Jordan are good friends of mine since many years back. It is always great to meet up with real friends and to bring what God have given to people that will recieve and do something with it. I am sure we will have a good time together. Sunday evening I am ministering in Hamburg again.

Vivianne,Rebecka and Noah have left for Stockholm. They will celebrate Midsummer in a traditional way. Great fun….for them…no I am not feeling sorry for myself. I do not remember last time I was free on a midsummer weekend…so who cares. I already miss them though..

Noah is a great baby boy. I never thought I would be emotional about being a grandpa…but it happened.

I am still working on our “barn” and it is looking better and better. Now I will put on my jogging shoes and go for a run before I leave for Germany.

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