I am back from a few days in Tirana Albania. I was there together with my friend Dan Lindau.
He lived in Albania with his family 3-4 years in the beginning of the 90:s. It was really tough circumstances in Albania back than and it is no wonder that the people that Dan and Anna(Dan’s wife) discipled during those years recieves him as a real “father”. I am always blessed to see how the fruit that we bear in Jesus name always remains. Albania is a good example of that. I was involved and was leading the missionwork from the beginning and I spent much time in Albania from 1990 and onwards. During those years we experienced so many great and sometimes terrible things. From being in prison, victims of attempted murder to close contact with the Government including the president himself. The same president, Berisha that have come back in power, I had his personal phone number and could call him when we needed some support….
Today Albania have changed and materialism have a stronger grip on the people.
But…A new day is coming for Albania!! I had a sense this time that God is about to do something new in His church. We had a Pastors gathering on the Saturday and Pastors from all kinds of churches participated. They expressed a desire and a request to us for help. We will do that with regular events.
We also had 2 powerful breakthrough evenings. People where touched by Gods power and we saw miracles and people saved.
The gospel needs to be presented in the power of The Holy Spirit.
I love Albania and the albanian people and God have called us to help to change that nation.
Today I am back in my summerhouse…working hard and spend time with Vivianne,Rebecka and Noah!!! Will leave for Kassel and Hamburg on Friday.

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