> Last weekend I was in Sheffield. I had a conference in a Anglican Church network. It was great to meet those Jesus centered believers. People got saved and healed and we had a great time together. I am already booked in for another event next year again. I love real people with an uncomplicated love and believe in Jesus. Sometimes Christians get so complicated and boring when the latest “spiritual fashion” is more important than our Lord and Saviour Jesus.
Today I have been working on my Summer house in Sweden. We are replacing the panel wood on the barn beside our house. Thats a lot of work but it is very relaxing and healthy to do something different than preaching and travelling….On Friday early morning I leave for Tirana/Albania. I was there the first time 19 years ago…no christians and no churches was there.
Today there are 35 Churches in Tirana alone….
Many of the leaders got saved and discipled during our first years of pioneering work in Albania..1990-1998.
I will have a conference this weekend together with my friend Dan Lindau.
It will be a great time I am sure.

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