I think it was the first time for over 20 years that I did not preach on the “day of Pentecost”.

I had been invited to a few places but I choosed to help my daughter Magdalena to move in to her new apartment instead. In Stockholm Sweden. It was one of the best “day of Pentecost” that I had in my life. Early Sunday morning I wake up in our summer house to find that Rebecka,Fredrika and our grand son, Noah where staying with us. I spent the morning enjoying there fellowship playing with Noah. After that I took care of our new tenants in Jonkoping and from there I drove up north to Stockholm. I was stopped by the police due to a little bit of speeding but he forgot about me(!!!!) and caught some other speed offenders instead! I was happy for that and still wonder why he ignored me.

I meet my daughter Magdalena in Stockholm and helped her to move in to a beautiful apartment in Spanga. Great place in a great area. She is really blessed!! Deborah will move in with her some weeks from now. We had a long chat in the evening and than we watched “Taken”

together. A fantastic movie!

We missed Vivianne yesterday but I will pick her up at the airport late tonight.

I am so blessed to have a family and it is great to see Gods blessings!!

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