>Jesus saves sinners in Croatia!

> This have been another good day. In the morning I was talking to 60 pastors here in Croatia. We met in a beutiful place 1 hr south of Zagreb…very close to the Bosnian border. Church in Zagreb have just purchased a great property there. Wonderful to meet all brothers and sisters. Tonight we had […]


> We had our first meeting here last night. Appr. 25 people recieved Jesus the first time in their life. It is great to see how people respond to the gospel. We (Jorn and myself) ministered to the sick and many testified how they experienced the power of God. We also spent some time with […]

> I am on my way to Copenhagen. Summer have finally arrived in Sweden. No place is so beautiful as my summerhouse when summer arrives!! If I should have time I would have been taking a swim in the lake earlier today…but no time. I will meet Claus in Copenhagen a good friend of mine. […]

> I am on my way back to Sweden again. Had a good evening with a revival meeting and some good fellowship with friends until late night. Hamburg is a beautiful city especially this morning when the sky was blue and the sun shining. I started early with run in a forest area. It was […]

> We had a great event last night in Jesus Centrum Kassel. Glaubenfest(FaithParty). I spoke from Matthew 14 and it is always great to preach faith in Germany. Reasoning and scepticism are “strongholds” in this nation but once the spirit of faith starts to move in believers great things will happen and the Kingdom of […]

> 1979, 30 years ago the Islamic revolution was born in Iran. No one really believed that Khomeini was anything more than a religious “Santa Claus”….Today we know better. The revolution was also a starting point for international Islamic terrorism. In the name of Allah and the name of Muhammed thousands of innocent people have […]

> On the road again…this weekend I am ministering in Jesus Centrum/Kassel. Pastor Matthias and Sabine Jordan are good friends of mine since many years back. It is always great to meet up with real friends and to bring what God have given to people that will recieve and do something with it. I am […]

> I am back from a few days in Tirana Albania. I was there together with my friend Dan Lindau. He lived in Albania with his family 3-4 years in the beginning of the 90:s. It was really tough circumstances in Albania back than and it is no wonder that the people that Dan and […]

> Last weekend I was in Sheffield. I had a conference in a Anglican Church network. It was great to meet those Jesus centered believers. People got saved and healed and we had a great time together. I am already booked in for another event next year again. I love real people with an uncomplicated […]

>What a blessing to have a family!

> I think it was the first time for over 20 years that I did not preach on the “day of Pentecost”. I had been invited to a few places but I choosed to help my daughter Magdalena to move in to her new apartment instead. In Stockholm Sweden. It was one of the best […]