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Tomorrow it is Good Friday. It’s a lovely opportunity to reflect and meditate on what Jesus did for us 2000 years ago. I love Easter. Parts of my big family are coming together here in Fleet and we will have a great time.

Right after Easter I will leave for Germany where I will speak in “Deutchland-Conference” . I will preach in 4 different Cities,Hamburg,Munich,Nurnberg and another town in Bavaria. We will be a number of ministers touching Germany the same time. It will be a great time I am sure. Directly from Germany I will leave for Sweden a few days and from there to Israel a short tour and from there I will speak in Switzerland in a few Churches. It looks like some busy weeks ahead.

On the 15-18/5 we have our annual  Troas event,

I am really looking forward to that event. I believe that God have something special in store for us that weekend. We are happy to welcome ministers and leaders from many parts of Europe. We still have a few rooms left and if you are interested I suggest you contact us a.s.a.p..price is:£160:-/3night/Fullboard/double room(flight,transfer not incl.)




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The gospel to Italy

237Have just finished a morning service here in Modena. “Opening of a new chapter” for the Church ,said the Pastor. I am not saying that , would be stupid since I don’t live here. It was a special time though and I am sure lives where deeply touched and people even healed. All glory to Jesus.

this is my 5th day here in Italy. I started in Fano by the east coast and than Concordia and Bologna yesterday a leaders conf day here in Modena with leaders from many different areas of Italy. Italy is open and I think ready to recieve the Gospel of Christ. The traditional Church is loosing its grip of the people and normally people are really tired of dead religion. The Pope is popular but at the same time viewed at in same way as people admire Dalai Lama,friendly smiling and not disturbing anyone. Well I like him much more than the old German pope.

I believe that the Exodus out from the Catholic Church here will continue and even now we see how spirit filled catholic priests are paying the price to leave and to work outside the institution. I had lunch with some of them not so long time ago. One was desperately wanting to get married…he was in love with a nun. Lovely couple.

The last months have been very intense for me with a lot of projects and events happening. It has been wonderful to see what God is doing. This coming week I will  be in UK at home and that will be great.

In May 15-18 we have our annual Troas event in Turkey. Leaders from Europe are coming together with one focus Jesus and His plan for our continent. If you want to come along ..hurry up to register we only have a few places left. Contact us for further information.





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MadridLast week have been rather busy. In Rome we had a really good time. I was there together with good friend Tor Holmgren from Uppsala/Sweden. Tor was speaking as well.We had a 4 days event together with brothers and sisters in a few new Churches in Rome. This have become a tradition ,once a year a visit to Rome. I love it.So many people that are open and ready to receive the gospel of the Kingdom in power.We saw people saved and healed and Churches  encouraged and strengthened in faith.  It was great to hear a testimony from a woman that got healed from cancer last time I visited Rome and prayed for her. In Herford/Germany we had one meeting. It was the first time friends arranged an open meeting and people came from various background and places. In Rinteln I spoke to leaders and pastors all Saturday. It was a great time. My good friend Dan Lindau was with me and he ministered in a few sessions as well.  Its great to share with other leaders.They came from various places in Germany ,most of them are in a Pioneering situation breaking new ground . On the Sunday morning I spoke in a Church in Beelen. Really good to meet them ,lovely people that where open and hungry for God. From there we went to Hanover. Meeting in the beginning of a new Church that we have been involved in since few years back. This time the hall was really full( not a giant place though) with hungry people. Here again, people saved and healed. Early Monday morning I went to Madrid where I had a seminar “ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit” It was really good time. The hall that can seat 1200 was packed every meeting and  many got saved and.healed. I heard many testimonies about miracles. Last meeting more than 800 came for prayer…each one received pray …that was a sweaty evening indeed and full of the Power of the Holy Spirit. Madrid is in a time of visitation and many catholic people are leaving dead churches to receive freedom in Jesus and in the power of the Gospel. We even have Catholic priests and nuns on our meetings seeking freedom. When I was in Rome the news came that my old pastor and friend Ulf Ekman and his wife will convert to Catholicism. This really caused a stir in Scandinavia. For myself ,working and ministering a lot in Catholic dominated nations it feels really strange and even if it  does not concern me anymore I have nothing but a huge question mark concerning that radical step my friends have taken. Enough about that,Next weekend I am speaking in an event in Cornwall,Heston. It’s a conference starting Saturday arranged by Kingsway Church and is open for everyone. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the World and I invite you to come ,enjoy and receive from heaven!

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MadridI just arrived back from some amazing days in Madrid. God did so much during the meetings. 300+ received Jesus for the first time,so many healings and a very powerful move of Gods Spirit. 2014 seems to be a very interesting year indeed.     I heard a wonderful testimony from the last time I ministered in Madrid ,November 2013. I prayed for a baby girl, 1 year old that had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and doctors could not do anything. I prayed for the little girl and her mother came now to the first meeting and testified that her daughter where totally healed from that time! All glory to Jesus!

On our last meeting the large hall was totally crowded,people where sitting everywhere even they filled up the platform behind me. I was really moved to see the hunger and passion and openers that was among the people.  The Holy Spirit moved like a wave of electricity  all over the place. Great time indeed!

aPastor Juan is a very dear brother and friend and we will do more things together in 2014. This weekend I am preaching in a church in London Friday-Sunday, Elim Leytonstone and early Monday morning I will leave together with Joel my son to Turkey and from there to Neuchatel Switzerland where I will have a conference next weekend. Busy days ahead but God is good!

Our Troas event 15-18/5 this year will be very special. Come along! Life changing days! For more info:

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January 2014

“That meeting totally saved my life”,… a few days ago one woman said that came to me after a meeting here in UK. “I was suicidal,71 years old. My husband left me after more than 50 years and moved in to a woman that lived in the house beside us. I went two times to her house and hit her so bad that police came and arrested me. I was taken to a Psychiatric clinic but was told that the problem with me was that my heart had been teared in to pieces.3 years ago I was sitting outside on a bench weeping ,planning my suicide when a woman came to me and said: you need to come with me to a meeting. I came along and a Swedish  pastor was speaking…I came to him for prayer,got saved and restored and free!! Wonderful to hear about fruit that remains!!

I like to hear testimonies like that! God is always doing miracles and is transforming peoples life! What a privilege  to serve Him. I have had a good start 2014. It was great to see more people receive Jesus  as Lord and Savior here in UK already the first weeks of 2014. I have already heard testimonies about miracles as well. I guess we are in a season when God will increase His saving and healing power!! I am open…come on Jesus! Next week I will have  special “Healing and Miracle days ” in Madrid Spain. Thousands of people in Madrid will hear the message about Him that have made everything possible!!

In May 15-18th we are arranging an event in Turkey/Troas open for leaders and upcoming leaders in Europe. We call this event “Battle for Europe” and leaders/believers from allover Europe will come together with one focus: “Reach Europe with the full Gospel of Jesus Christ” and it will guaranteed be an amazing the same place where it all started appr. 2000 years ago. Contact us on: for information about price/registration.bild

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Today we all went to Church in the morning. We where just 7 since 3 left early yesterday morning. Magdalena,Markus and Ester went back to Sweden after spending 10 days with us here in Fleet. We have had some great days together and Deborah,Rebecka,Fredrik,Noah and Celine is still with us for another 10 days or so.

Family is very precious and even if it takes a lot of work and effort to feed and host all those…it is definitely worth it all. We love and enjoy our family a lot.

2013 is coming to an end and it is time for some reflection over the year that have passed..

It has been a busy,pretty tough but at the same time very fruitful year. I tried to remember everything that I have been involved in ministry-wise and I am a bit overwhelmed by all the things that God have done. 15 nations with so many different projects and events. We have seen multitudes come to faith in Jesus and many have testified about various healing and miracles that happened through our ministry. Highlights; North doors opened much fruit and wonderful to see the guidance of The Holy Spirit,Turkey; fantastic event in Troas, Spain; revival in Madrid…wonderful move of God, Israel..2 visits during 2013…very powerful youth tour in August..Italy powerful events and Conference..Bulgaria;National Breakthrough Conference…awesome days.Germany: Conferences and Campaigns and seminar meetings,France Conferences and seminars,Switzerland ,Sweden,Norway; God is continuing to bless our ministry there…touching so many with His Word and Power. Many people saved and restored. Croatia; wonderful week in Pula and Zagreb. Healing and miracles.

UK..our homeland..6 conferences during 2013 where thousands have been impacted by Gods word and power..this plus a lot more have kept us more than busy during 2013. 2014 will be the same plus new doors about to open up. We want to reach further in to the untouched areas of our World. Thank you all for whatever you have done. We need more financial support 2014. Our projects in to the Muslim world as well as other areas cost money. Your gift will make a difference. We are a registered Charity in UK. Find more details on our website.

In May 15-19th you are invited to participate in our “Troas event” in Turkey. Meet up with pioneers and leaders from all over Europe for some powerful days of encounters with God in a beautiful setting beside the sea in the western part of Turkey.

In November later part you are invited to come along to Israel with us. People from all over Europe will go for a 8 days revival tour to Israel. We really believe that this will be the event of the year in Israel! Best price ,best quality and an experience you will never forget!More information to follow. This year no age restriction.

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I am right now in Pula/Croatia. 3 days of Revival meetings is the program. We just finished the 2nd evening and it was a great meeting. Jesus touched and saved many tonight. The same happened last night and also people got healed. People with tinnitus and chronic digestion problems and other sicknesses got instantly healed yesterday. It is always a joy to see how the Gospel bear fruit wherever it is preached. I have visited Croatia many times during the last 28 years and I have seen God move in a powerful way over the years. New Churches are growing up in many places and Pula is one of them. It is great to see what is happening here. A lively and growing church with a vision to reach the entire Istria with the gospel. They already have new planted groups and Churches in various places.

People in Croatia have little understanding about the Gospel. The traditional Church have kept them in its grip and it’s heresy that if you only get baptised as a child and go to the mass and take communion regularly you are ok but never sure about salvation. It is great to see when Jesus sets people like that free and transform their lives for real. Today’s God is raising up a generation of believers with a vision to bring a change to this spiritually dark region. It’s a privilege to be involved in what God is doing here. From here I will go to Zagreb for another series of meetings. My good friend Tor Holmgren is with me and he was ministering in Dubrovnik earlier his week.

Thank you for prayer! If you want to support our ministry you will find instruction on our website how to do so. We need your help.

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I had been looking forward to accompany Vivianne and Joel&Caroline to church this morning. Unfortunately this does not happen very often since Weekends are my busy working days. This weekend I am home in Fleet though and Joel and Caroline is visiting us….and I am not doing very well…I hate sickness…really ..but it’s getting better. Sunday mornings are wonderful here in Fleet. Everything is quiet and this is the day when guys in my age bring out their sport car  from the garage and they take a drive on some of the beautiful country lanes here in Hampshire…I am in house though.

This week I have been bombarded with one email and messages after the other trying to push me to make my opinion known regarding things happening within the Word of faith movement in Scandinavia…my good old friends in Christ, good brothers and sisters.They have been taking a different direction theologically the last years and some seems to be very frustrated because of this. Theological discussions makes me very tired. Everything should center around Jesus and everything that He have done for us and is still doing through the working of The Holy Spirit. The fruit will tell us about the tree. Are people being saved,healed restored,  transformed to live a holy life in Him,Is Jesus being glorified? Great , than I am with you. You will find fruit like this within all different types of Christian denominations. And we ought to be excited and supportive. I am not becoming a Catholic …no…but my neighbour here in UK is. He is a great guy with much of Christ in Him.  Let’s continue to bear as much fruit as possible in any way we can. This week I am doing an healing event in a nice hotel  in the outskirts of Manchester. I hope to see much fruit from that event!

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Today we are finally removing our old oak outside our house. It has been standing there for 130 year something and it takes 2 days for three men to take it down. I am very happy to get rid of it. It is damaging our house,garage and garden. Oaks are nice trees but not in my small English garden….

In the weekend I was the main speaker in a conference in Bridgend/Wales. We had a good time together with Church (The Vine)and people that came from other parts of Wales. Wales is a special nation. Always raining,their original language(welch)is a very complicated one,they love rugby and has an heritage and history of great revivals…and the people are very warm and friendly. I was encouraged when I heard some of the testimonies after the weekend. God healed and restored people. Today is the remembrance day here in UK and special thoughts and appreciation are given to all those that have given their lives in the various wars from 1914 and so forth. It is a special day and I believe that it has great importance. To give and to risk your life for someone you love is the greatest kind of love. Just like Jesus. When I look outside my office window now…I can see the light! The Oak is disappearing more and more. Wonderful.

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I did have a great weekend in Germany. Non stop meetings from Friday night to Sunday night.

On the Friday I spoke in Hanover in a meeting that also was a inauguration meeting for a new hall that we will use for the work there. It has a great location in the center of  Hanover between “KGB”Bar and a Mosque.Cant be better!On the Saturday I spoke in a healing conference in Peine. I had 5 meetings….We had a great time and it was great to hear testimonies about healing on the Sunday morning. I believe that we will see more and more of Gods healing power in the times ahead. On Sunday night I preached in Duisburg.

I have been invited next year to minister alongside Randy Clarke and a few other healing ministers in a large event in Germany. Would be great to see a real powerful breakthrough for the supernatural power of God in Germany! It is very needed like in all other nations.

This week I will go to Wales/Bridgend. I am invited to Vine Church for a “Faith Conference”. I am sure we will have a great time there.

Next year 15-18/5 we are again arranging an event in Troas/Turkey “Battle for Europe” We invite you that are a leader,upcoming leader or and a pioneer for the Kingdom of God and that have a faith and a dream to see Europe touched again by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Contact us for more information.


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